Linux web hosting virtual private servers (VPS) are designed with you in mind.  These servers are exclusive to an individual or individual company.  The best thing about VPS is that, even though the virtual machine is running the same software as on other machines, the VPS is dedicated solely to an individual customer with the security and privacy of a separate physical computer.

There are four Linux hosting  plans available.  Each plan has unlimited bandwidth and works on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Operating System. All of them are perfect for additional flexibility that a shared hosting plan doesn’t provide.  All of these plans supports a host of mission-critical applications and tools and is recommended for e-commerce functionality.

The Starter Plan has 10GB of disk space with five domain names but only one IP address.  The Basic Plan has 20GB of disk space with unlimited domain names and five total IP addresses.  The Pro Plan has 40GB of disk space with 10 IP addresses and the Pro Plus Plan has 60GB of disk space and 20 IP addresses.

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