eUKHost is one of the top UK web hosting  companies available.  They have been reviewed as having awesome server speed.  Heavy PHP5/Java applications are absolutely no problem for them.  They provide comprehensive support out of their UK-based offices.  They have very little downtime and, when they do go down, all you have to do is call their support line and they will call you back with what the problem was and fix it with little or no fuss involved.

eUKHost offers comprehensive VPS hosting packages that are supported exclusively by Linux servers.  Their dedicated servers are unquestionably reliable and will give you the control and flexibility your company needs to succeed over the Internet.  Their VPS offerings go up to 35GB of disk space, up to 500GB of monthly bandwidth, guaranteed 768MB of RAM and their solutions are based on the powerful Virtuozzo virtualization platform, which creates multiple isolated VPSs on one physical server, allowing for the sharing of server management, licensing fees, and hardware.

If you are looking for superior performance and more control, eUKHost is a superior UK solution.

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